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High quality artificial plants

Fresh greenery in the office and home does not always have to be produced by real plants. Artificial plants and artificial flowers can also achieve the desired effect and have many additional advantages. Here you will find an overview of these products and many useful tips on buying, using and caring for them.

What are artificial plants?

Artificial plants are, as the name suggests, small works of art made of fabric, plastic or other materials that look like real plants at first glance (and often on the second). They are made up of an artificial branch made of plastic or metal, to which leaves of paper, fabric or plastic are attached. Plant material can also be used to improve the optical authenticity. The artificial plant also includes a pot, which visually represents the roots of the plant together with the associated soil and also provides a stable stand for the plant as a base.

How are artificial plants produced?

A high-quality artificial tree is the result of a long conception phase in which both material and design are carefully selected. The individual parts, such as leaves, branches and roots, are produced by machine and joined together by hand in a difficult process. High-quality plastic plants are therefore small works of art, which are in no way inferior to real plants in their visual effect.

How do you clean artificial plants?

One argument for the artificial houseplant is its easy care. Depending on the material, only a few rules need to be observed. For larger plastic leaves on artificial palms or similar decorative plants, a soft cloth and soapy water are recommended. Finer objects can be cleaned with dusters and feather duster. A gentle rain under the shower also cleans thoroughly and quickly. For sheets of cloth or paper, the use of compressed air is recommended.

Where can artificial plants be used?

Artificial plants can be used everywhere where their real counterparts are also used. Whether as plants in the office, in waiting rooms, to brighten up workshop rooms or for the cosy home, they bring a touch of green everywhere. They are no problem for allergy sufferers and also resist curious pets or small falls. In addition, they can also be used in places that would be problematic for real plants. Little sunlight does not bother them any more than a lack of fresh air and water. They tolerate heavy frost and can therefore be used in the garden or on the balcony without any problems. They are also suitable as occasional decorative elements that can be stored in a storage room for the rest of the time. Finally, their durability is a decisive advantage. While many beautiful real plants die after only a few months or years, carefully treated artificial plants can give pleasure for decades.

Artificial plants for indoor and outdoor use

Artificial plants for outdoor use can in principle also be used indoors if the necessary space is available. They are more robustly processed, withstand the elements more easily and do not fade even in direct sunlight. Artificial grass or artificial hedges are also suitable for outdoor use, as they are particularly good as natural privacy screens. Artificial plants for indoor use are often made of more delicate but nevertheless shapely material. They can be placed on the windowsill, the work table or other places in the interior.

What sizes are available?

Artificial plants are available in numerous sizes, which are based on the usual dimensions of real plants. The smallest artificial plants are potted plants of 50 cm or less, which fit on every windowsill and are a real eye-catcher without taking up too much space. Their weight varies between one and a half to two kilograms. An artificial tree, which is just under two metres tall for an artificial plant and has a magnificent appearance, can weigh up to ten kilograms. Most artificial plants oscillate between these two dimensions.

Decorating with artificial plants

If you want to decorate with plants in the office, sales rooms or elsewhere, there are numerous possibilities. Individual plants and flowers can add fresh accents and attract attention on a work table or in a shop window. Larger arrangements are also possible and can be expertly arranged to create a great overall picture. A special eye-catcher can be to hang artificial plants, if there are appropriate fixtures on the ceiling. When it comes to decoration, a healthy mediocrity is important. The combination of artificial plants can be done in many different ways, especially recommended is a single, larger artificial plant that serves as a centre point and several smaller artificial plants that are harmoniously distributed around it in the room. Decoration also includes the use of cachepots, especially for potted plants. Depending on the decor, these can be brightly coloured, classically simple or elegantly decorated, thus integrating the artificial plants even better into the overall picture.

Artificial plants as visual protection

Another possible use of artificial plants is as a privacy screen. Larger artificial plants and hedges can visually separate office parts and provide good privacy without obstructing air and noise. High artificial grass or similar artificial plants can also be used as room dividers on balconies and in gardens. A range of artificial plants on balcony railings not only protects against unwanted views from the street or neighbouring buildings, but also allows you to retreat into your own little green world.

What types of artificial plants are there?

Artificial plants can be divided into several categories. Some are replicas of potted plants and correspond for example to orchids, strelitzias, hydrangeas or similar flowering plants. They are usually supplied in a simple saucer. Ferns, small palms and similar large-leaved plants as well as various cacti and aloe plants are simpler and have a calming, fresh effect on the indoor climate. Often a larger vase belongs to them, which automatically brings them into view even when free-standing. Artificial grasses are available in many varieties and can be used outdoors or indoors as room dividers, optical dividing elements or as a background for other arrangements. An artificial tree or artificial palm trees, which consist of a trunk that looks like it has grown naturally and attractive, shady leaves, tower above them all and can reach or even exceed 2 metres. No matter whether a high-quality artificial plant is large or small, it always looks natural and well-kept grown.

Buy artificial plants online?

Artificial green plants and artificial flowers from Fleur Ami meet the highest standards and look deceptively like real plants. They can be ordered online and are conveniently delivered. Thanks to Kingplanter online shop, you always have access to the entire range, including the latest new releases, and you can buy artificial plants whenever you need them. Whether as a single plant or as part of an entire decoration concept.